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Sift Yoga offers an inviting atmosphere where all levels of yoga experience can feel welcome and understood, and able to create a meaningful yoga practice. 


4166 Wyntree Dr, Suite B - Newburgh, In 47630


About Sift Yoga

The experienced and caring instructors at Sift Yoga have one mission, to offer an inviting atmosphere where all levels of yoga experience can feel welcome and understood, and able to create a meaningful yoga practice. 

The verb Sift, defined as  “to examine (something) thoroughly so as to isolate that which is most important or useful” is exactly the goal of each class offered at owner Carrie Rice’s Yoga Studio. She named the studio “Sift” because that is what yoga has taught her to do. Sift through the stresses of life, the aches and pains, the ups and downs, one breath at a time. 

Sift Yoga is a small studio offering personal attention, with a mission to help all those who walk through their doors feel comfortable on a yoga mat. All classes focus on Breath, Intentional Movement, and Relaxation. 

Sift Yoga, located in Newburgh, has been offering classes since January 2018. Sift Yoga offers classes open to beginners, experienced practitioners, active aging adults, as well as events for youth and families. 

Meet your instructors: 

 I'm Carrie Rice, a mother, wife, a yoga teacher, and studio owner!

Yoga entered my life after the birth of my twins in 2011. I had done a few classes here and there before that time, however it wasn’t until motherhood that I fell in love with this form of exercise. That is how yoga started for me - exercise.

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After we welcomed two healthy babies into our family, my time as a working mom with a toddler ended. We decided I would stay home to care for all 3 of our littles and I would give up “my day job” as a middle school teacher. After over 10 years of coaching, 6 years of teaching, I was about to turn the page to a completely different chapter in my life. All of the sudden, I had a 3 year old and two tiny humans who needed me and deserved the best version of me. I was so afraid, uncertain, and unsure how I would “do it all”. Strange enough but that’s when Yoga no longer became just exercise - Yoga helped me find the quiet inside that I needed to be “the best version of me.”

Every time I would take a class, or simply roll out my mat, I would feel safe and calm. Each Yoga Instructor I had the pleasure of practicing with would remind me that my Yoga Practice was time for me to let go of expectations, time for me to relax, time for me to listen to my body, time for me - to just be “me”. Little did I know, but those words were like the “permission” I needed to start a new chapter, to leave the old one behind (as a precious memory) and look toward the future knowing I would be alright.

In 2013, I decided along with a good friend, I would enroll in Yoga Teacher Training. I was incredibly nervous, since this training was going to take me away from my family for FULL WEEKENDS at a time for 10 whole months. But, something just kept saying “it’s time.” My first weekend of teacher training, I remember thinking I wasn’t physically ready to be there (my twin pregnancy had left me with separated abdominal muscles and horrible low back pain), I felt I didn’t know enough about yoga, and how could I even consider the possibility of leading adults (wasn’t kids more my thing). But, that quickly disappeared when I heard the stories of all the amazing Men and Women who I would be spending the next 10 months with. They all had different reasons for being there, all of their stories mattered -- so I knew --- so did mine! “It was time”

My yoga journey since the completion of my RYT-200 has had many more chapters. I also finished a 95-hr Children’s Yoga Training and taught countless hours of Kids Yoga (from toddler classes, to girl scout troops, school classroom visits, birthday parties, field trips, teen yoga, and community events - ages 3-16). I have completed a training in Prenatal Yoga and am now certified in that specialty as well.  I have deepened my own personal practice and conquered many fears about teaching Yoga to adults, making teaching Yoga an actual career! I am now an E-RYT (Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher - teaching more than 1,000 hrs) and a Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider (YACEP®).

So, thank you for finding this studio site! Let's chat!

Additional Instructors:

Rosemary Corning 

Rebecca Ramsey Douglas

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Rosemary Corning, RYT 200, began doing yoga as “rehab” after a shoulder injury over ten years ago. But, instead of finding an alternative exercise program in yoga, she found so much more. The connection of breath and movement, the balance between strength and ease, and the overall feeling of peace and well -being that yoga gave her was amazing. Working with women at a weight loss and fitness center for over 10 years, Rosemary had interest and education in Nutrition and Kinesiology, so the Yoga Teacher Training with its’ Anatomy and Physiology was a welcome next step, so that she could begin to share this wonderful, powerful, transformative practice of yoga with others.  

Amelia Roberts

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In 2012, Amelia started practicing Ashtanga yoga under the guidance of Laura Spaulding at Yoga East in Louisville, Kentucky. Not a naturally disciplined person, Amelia recognized that the Ashtanga method would be a path for rich personal growth and development. She began practicing regularly at the shala, and dove into studying the spiritual heart of the yoga practice. Amelia has also studied under global Ashtanga teachers Kino MacGregor, Tim Feldmann, and David Garrigues.

After moving to Evansville, Indiana in January 2015, Amelia continued her Ashtanga practice and visits her teacher in Louisville whenever possible. She completed Yoga Teacher Training with Chris Crews in April of 2016. In October 2017, Laura Spaulding selected Amelia as an Assistant Teacher, which allows her to teach the first half of the Ashtanga Primary Series. In May 2018, Amelia also became a certified teacher with the Prison Yoga Project and currently teaches at the Vanderburgh County Jail work release program.

Laurin Hardy


Laurin Hardy, RYT 200, has lived in Newburgh since 2002 with her family. Laurin discovered restorative yoga when searching for something that would pick up where physical therapy left off after sustaining a traumatic brain injury in a car accident in 2015. Yoga has been an important part of her healing process. After a couple of years of attending various yoga classes, Laurin decided to explore a deeper practice of yoga. The next step was to take yoga teacher training In Evansville. She completed her training in May of 2019 with Chris Crews. During the training, Laurin discovered so much more than exercise and relaxation; a path to stability and ease. She hopes to share these gifts with others on her journey.

Anita Powell


A Nebraska native, Anita Powell is a transplant now residing in the Elberfeld area. 

Anita first took her “on again off again” yoga practice seriously as a form of traumatic stress management, after surviving ovarian cancer. Many years later in 2010, she realized she couldn’t live without it and she began to take concrete steps to make it an integral part of her life, for the rest of her life.
While pursuing a career as an Artist and an Art Professor, Anita practiced yoga in four states under the direction of a variety of certified instructors. In 2014 she graduated from Yoga Teacher Training under the direction of Chris Crews at The Evansville Yoga Center and became a 200 hr Certified Yoga Instructor. She has been teaching yoga classes to a wide variety of students in Southern Indiana since 2014.

By day, Anita is known as Ms. Powell or “Art Teacher” to the students in grades K-8, at a local school. Through out the course of a long and dedicated career in the Arts, Anita has now taught art to e
very age from Kindergarten through Graduate School. She has a National exhibition record and is a published artist whose work is included in numerous collections. She lives alone with her cats, travels long distances to visit family and friends, and spends endless hours in her garden.

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Rebecca Douglas, 200hr Certified Yoga Teacher, loves yoga because it helps in every aspect of your life if you let it! Her work of teaching yoga is like receiving an amazing gift everyday! She gets to witness the journey of her students as they heal from things like depression, fatigue and stress. She gets to see them grow in their practice and see their bodies grow stronger and more flexible. Fostering an atmosphere that encourages creativity and friendship are her hopes in the classroom. She is a mother, a grandmother, a lover of people, cooking, nature, and books.

Alicia Harris

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Alicia Harris, RYT 200, started her yoga journey in 2002 as a way to relieve stress and make space for self-study and reflection. Alicia has also worked as a freelance writer, grant writer, higher education educator and administrator, and a healthy, local foods advocate. Sustaining a back injury in 2015, she underwent two lumbar spine surgeries in 2017. This experience has made her passionate about helping others living in chronic pain/discomfort. Her focus as a teacher has centered on helping students find a safe, individualized yoga practice while maintaining a healthy spine. Alicia incorporates posture and proper muscle engagement techniques into her yoga curriculum. In 2018, she took the Gokhale Method® Foundations Course Training in Chicago, IL. The Gokhale Method® uses the Primal Posture™ Method, or postural awareness, to realign and restore the spine. Currently, she is training to become a Certified Applied Poetry Facilitator through the International Federation of Biblio/Poetry Therapy. Alicia is also employed as an Experience Navigator within the Evansville-Vanderburgh Public Library System. As a yoga instructor, Alicia believes in the possibility of healing and transformation. “My purpose is to inspire authenticity, community, and creativity in my students. True healing occurs when we connect with the deepest part of ourselves and each other.”

Sarah Loehr

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Yoga has been a part of Sarah’s life since 2009. She was looking for something natural to help with my back pain. She soon discovered that yoga is much more than just a physical practice, but a practice from within as well.

In 2017, She finished her 200hr Yoga Certification through Aura Wellness Center. Now she enjoys teaching several different classes from Kids Yoga, Warm Yoga, Chair Yoga, and Yin Yoga.  She loves practicing and sharing yoga with others.

She recently received her certification in Pilates and loves taking, teaching, and furthering her education in this form of exercise too.  When not teaching or practicing Yoga or Pilates, she enjoys sharing her other passion, essential oils. Her  favorite way to spend her time is with friends and family enjoying nature and music.  As a family they like to go mountain biking and attend music festivals.