Tween/ Teen Yoga Series

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Tween/ Teen Yoga Series


This 4-week class led by Carrie Rice, will focus on improving balance, coordination, and concentration, and each class will conclude with a brief guided relaxation. Classes will move at the pace of an adult class, however in a more relaxed atmosphere. Join us for this Tween/Teen Yoga Session built just for Youth. As they practice, they will naturally experience greater confidence and self-acceptance and in turn relieve stress to promote better focus, clarity, and creativity. Specific breathing techniques taught in class can come in handy during the school day or at home, whenever there’s a need to calm down and hit the reset button.

Ages: 10-14 (Grades 4-8)
Mondays: 2:00-3:00 pm
July 2nd-23rd
$32 for the session (4 weeks) or Drop-in for $10/class 

Themes for the Discussion at the start of each class:

Week 1: What is Yoga? Understanding the Spine & Posture
Week 2: Breath: How we breathe, Types of Breath, 
& Matching it with movement 
Week 3: Power Words, affirmations, and mindfulness
Week 4: Taking your Yoga Home, resources to continue

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