Ashtanga for Beginners

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Ashtanga for Beginners

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The week of Aug 27-31st we will be replacing the regular 9:15 am class with a special series. This is a one week SPECIAL LEARNING OPPORTUNITY from a Guest Instructor, Kimberly Allan. 

In this supportive and welcoming class, students will get the opportunity to practice the first section of the Ashtanga Yoga sequence in an introductory and available manner.

Ashtanga is a great way to incorporate the meditative side of yoga. By having a set progression throughout the practice, you are able to focus more on the breath. 

When: August 27, 29, 31st, 9:15-10:15 am (replacing reg classes)
Cost: $40 (3 class series) or 3 punches (if you drop-in to one class is it is $15)
Space is limited: Register online or in person.

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About the instructor: Kimberly "Kimber" first found yoga through injury. After she completed 6 months of hiking the Appalachian Trail in 2007, she was pleasantly surprised that she could not only heal her body through the practice, but that she could also find the same peace she could find while hiking mountains through asana.

Kimber did her teacher training in 2011 in Thailand studying Ashtanga Vinyasa with Larry Schultz based.

Kimber has spent many years traveling between the US and Canada studying many styles of Vinyasa and teaching both in the US and Canada. Some of her favorite Vinyasa teachers include MC Yogi and Megan Currie.

It wasn’t until Kimber came to Ashtanga Yoga Victoria (where she currently teaches) that she really started feeling passionate about staying true to the Ashtanga lineage and the tradition of the practice. She loves the Mysore method and couldn’t imagine life without it.

We are proud to have her as a guest instructor here at SIFT!