Yoga with Carrie Rice 

Love Yoga? New to Yoga? Want to figure out how to bring yoga into your life? You are in the right place.

Carrie Rice, Registered Yoga Teacher, is happy to bring you short videos to help develop or enhance your practice. The videos are meant to be uplifting and help you feel good inside and out!  Thanks for stopping by!


Tips and Tricks: "Skipping the Flow" 

When instructed in a class to "take the flow" or "insert a Vinyasa Flow" there are OPTIONS for those days you just aren't feeling it. Take a moment to check out these quick tips. 

Tips and Tricks: Yoga Step Through

Comfortably stepping from Down Dog to a Lunge, try this quick video to ease this transition. 

Videos for your practice: Sun Salutation

WAKE UP, Energize for your day with a few times through a basic Sun Salutation, reaching for your edges. This is a quick one, so feel free to continue beyond this quick sequence. 



Videos for your practice: Stand Up Strong

A short sequence focusing on a few grounding poses standing strong on your mat  

Videos for your practice: Reconnect

Short video to help you de-stress and reconnect with your body.