Yoga is not about the SHAPE of your body...


“Yoga is not about the shape of your body, it’s about the shape of your life”.

When I was crafting my vision board this year that was a quote that I found in a magazine. It spoke to me.

That is exactly what yoga has done for me. It has not magically turn my body into some miraculous new shape, though I have found new levels of balance, and flexibility. And it has helped me develop an appreciation for this vessel I live in. I want to care for it, feed it healthy foods, hydrate it, and listen carefully to its needs.

Yoga for me has done so much more for all sorts of other aspects of my life.

I’m definitely much more present, more understanding, more compassionate to others, and more able to appreciate life’s simple moments.

Often times I know that when I roll out my mat, that starting breath I take might be the first big full breath I’ve taken all day. Though now that I am consistently rolling out my mat, I am tapping into that breathing at many other points of my day and reminding those around me to do the same.

I have learned to appreciate the physical things I am able to do, and accept that if I’m not there YET in a pose, that it is ok! I am on a journey - my practice is a journey- and if I am quiet enough, I can learn a lot along the way.


Yoga has also brought SO MANY amazing people into my life (the instructors at SIFT are just a small reflection of that). AND with each of these people, I have learned new things about myself. I have seen what I can do when faced with a challenge, and how to stay humble when things seem to go my way. I have learned to be open to new opportunities, and when to pull back when I am feeling out of balance.

It’s so much deeper than just memorizing poses.

I definitely know that yoga has shaped my life in more ways than just the physical. How has yoga shipped your life? What changes have you noticed, on and off the mat?

Did I mention how much I LOVE creating a VISION BOARD each year! It is may favorite way to plan for the year, setting goals, visualizing how I can live my best life.

Did I mention how much I LOVE creating a VISION BOARD each year! It is may favorite way to plan for the year, setting goals, visualizing how I can live my best life.

If you are brand new and looking to start yoga, reach out to us! Let’s chat about where your journey should begin. We offer classes in chairs, classes a little slower, classes for those who like to move and breathe at a little bit faster pace, as well as restorative classes that are encouraged for stress relief and relaxation.

Yoga is more than just one style, if you’ve only taken just one or two classes, it’s time to start branching out and seeing what other ways yoga can shape your life!


So, for those of you who read my blog - I started a detox a little over a week ago - You can see original post here , well reality set in this Thursday/Friday!

You see, my husband planned a getaway for us, we had 24 full hours kid free in Louisville, staying at the NEW Omni Hotel. It was so nice to spend time together, have a nice dinner, and reconnect.

I decided on the way there I was going to break a few rules, AND NOT FEEL BAD ABOUT IT!

Because, you know what - Life HAPPENS!

I drank a bit, indulged in a HOT BROWN TATER TOT Appetizer that was wrong on SO MANY LEVELS, and had a cookie before bed :) - But other than that, I pretty much stuck to my plans.

And you know what…. It’s ok!

Because today is Monday, and I can RESET! Just like that - I can reset! I know that the eating and drinking choices have consequences, BELIEVE me - the lack of motivation I had the rest of the weekend reminded me of that… but I also know that for any sort of LIFESTYLE to take hold, you have to have a balance, you have to have forgiveness, you have to leave space for error, and then remind yourself why you live the life you live - to feel better, to be whole.

So TODAY - MONDAY! I am starting again :) Loving myself, feeding my body fuel - not just mindless food, and I will have all my pep back in no time.

If this is something that interest you…. Join Kristi Cirignano (a health coach and a BIG Inspiration to me) and I, Jan 22nd (7:00 pm) in an ONLINE Webinar - learning about the Shred10 program and how you can get yourself on a path to cleanse out the YUCK and feel better, sleep better, and put the pep back in your step!

For more information on this on-line, at home in your PJs webinar, email me at - and I will send you the link and access code to join us!

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