Celebrate with YOGA!

A private yoga class is a fantastic way to celebrate any occasion!

We all believe that to live our best life - we MUST celebrate something each day! Sometimes certain days lead to BIG Celebrations, other days we celebrate the mundane.

IF you have something you want to celebrate - WHY not do it with YOGA!

Whether your group is made up of experienced yogis, people who practice on occasion, people who have never been to a yoga class at all, or a combination of all three, we will craft the class to meet the needs of your entire group! We are happy to host your group during the free hours of our studio!

Adult Celebrations we have done in the past include…

Adult Birthday Parties

Whether it is a turning point - BIG # Year - or just another year to celebrate, we are happy to spoil you with a group PRIVATE Yoga Class at Sift. In the past many groups have taken the class together and then moved the party to a nearby restaurant for cocktails and brunch/lunch/dinner!


Bachelorette Parties

BRIDES NEED YOGA! Enjoy time with the bride-to-be, allow her to start off her celebrations with a clear mind, or wind down after the festivities! This is a great way to involve all women in the family. We have done these pre-party, or post-party (morning after!) :)  


Wedding Day Yoga:

Begin your big day with a calming yoga class to relax and reset.  Classes may be able to travel on-site to your location or most likely they are held at the studio.  Class will be tailored to meet your needs. It is a perfect way to settle any BIG DAY jitters.

Women's Weekend/Night Out:

Spend time with your favorite women and take in a peaceful class at Sift Yoga.  This will be an experience you'll remember for years to come.

Corporate Team Building:

Spend time bonding and growing with your staff in the comfort of our studio.

Team Building.jpg

Retirement Party Yoga:

What better way to celebrate leaving the stresses of your career behind, than with a peaceful private yoga class at Sift. Invite co-workers, family, or friends to see why you LOVE yoga!

Prices for all these various private classes vary, but we are happy to discuss them further with you here.

If you have something you want to celebrate with your child, we do that too!

Stay tuned for our future post about YOUTH Birthday Parties!