Remember you!

Remember you.jpg

Don’t forget about yourself! 

This week got me thinking... It was just a haircut, but it’s ALWAYS so much more! 

Tuesday I did a very normal thing, on a pretty normal day - I got my 💇 haircut. 
And like so many of us do, I made small talk with my stylist (a former cheerleader/student of mine that is ALL Grown Up!) We talked about my kids, my new home, and about the studio. 

She asked real questions about the business because she too is an entrepreneur, she too knows how much work happens behind the scenes, and she too knows the blood, sweat, and, tears that are associated with starting/running/continuously working to grow your brand. 

She was truly interested in hearing about Sift.... and so I started taking. I told her about our Sift Yoga family, about how our regulars know and love us (as we do them), and how I deep down know that I am fulfilling a need for so many wonderful people, offering a safe place for them to come take a deep breath, to move when and how they are ready, and provide them with a time to remember themselves. 

However, I didnt sugar coat things when I told her some months we are busier than others, or that August has been pretty slow overall. I told her, “You know, it’s like people love themselves, come try classes, commit to coming, but then life happens and ... they forget about themselves - they take care of everyone and everything else... and somewhere in there ... Yoga for THEM doesn’t make the cut” - I paused and said “that’s the hardest part, they are who I miss, they are who I write newsletters for, post to Facebook, or write handwritten notes to. They simply forget about themselves, and I hope through reaching back out I can remind them they are important”..... She smiled and nodded her head ....she knew EXACTLY what I meant! She knew EXACTLY how it felt! 

And then almost at the same time, I said “though I suppose I’m guilty of this too... I mean... I haven’t been to get my haircut since FEBRUARY!!!!” Yes you read that right!?!?! Ponytails for days! 🤣 

So I know that it’s easy for us to get busy, easy for us to forget to make ourselves a priority, easy for us to fill our days with too many commitments and not enough down time. I know that unexpected expenses come up, and things like haircuts, dining out, or yoga classes just can’t be a regular thing. 

But I guess what I’m trying to say is — just remember that you are worth remembering! That just like how I felt after FINALLY getting a haircut 🤣 you too deserve to be remembered! 

So take a moment, Open the calendar on your phone and add to a random time tomorrow or a few days next week the words “remember me”

“Remember Me” might be reading agood book for a few minutes, or a phone call to an old friend, a walk around the block with a four legged pal, a cup of tea on the deck early in the morning, or a warm bath at night before bed — of course we would love to see you at Sift, remembering you too!

Thanks friends for your love and support! 😘💇#itsneverjustahaircut #siftyoga#whatdoyouneedtosift #newburghindiana#rememberyou