Becca's Hummus and Veggie Pinwheels

June Recipe 2018.JPG

On a low carb wheat tortilla, spread your favorite kind of hummus. (Homemade or store bought is fine either way!)

Add four thinly sliced strips of red bell peppers on one side of the tortilla, Four thinly sliced raw zucchini sticks on the other side of the tortilla, Four pieces of raw baby spinach in the middle of the tortilla, And one roasted asparagus stalk on top of the spinach in the middle of the tortilla.

To roast asparagus: (Place one bunch of asparagus and two cloves of chopped garlic, tossed in olive oil, on a sheet pan line with paper. Roast in a preheated to 425 (F) degree oven for about twenty minutes or until tender. Salt and pepper to taste)

Now roll the tortilla with it's ingredients up carefully and slice in to one to two inch pieces (like sushi!). Serve as a fun and healthy summer snack for your kiddos.

They are also beautiful enough to bring to a backyard barbecue!

Enjoy:) - Becca