Yoga in the Light - one year!

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Crazy to think that this time last year I was really starting to make the tough decisions needed, to open my own studio! Fear, anxiety, doubt - were all STRONG emotions. But I decided it was time to make a change, time to trust myself, and go on a little adventure! Did I know what was ahead ... certainly not - but I took a risk and Iā€™m glad I did. For I have learned lots of important lessons this year, one of which was getting to know a deeper understanding of myself. 

This photo is me in the space, me taking a few moments to move in the light, Breathe and see if it felt like home. And it did! So I took a chance! 

I am so proud of our little studio - so happy to have taken the leap - and thrilled šŸ˜ that each day we unlock the doors and invite in all who need a space to SIFT.