Visualize Your Life through Vision Boarding

Hello friends old and new!

Are you exactly where you would like to be in your life -- personally, professionally, health, family life & relationships? Are you ready to focus and get clear on what you really want and how to achieve your dreams?

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I’m Kristi Cirignano, and I’m so excited to be partnering with Carrie to bring you a vision board workshop we’re calling “Visualize your Life.” Join us on Saturday, February 17 from 9-12 for a fun and inspiring morning incorporating yoga, meditation, life and wellness coaching and creating your own vision board. Reserve your spot here!

Carrie asked me to do a guest blog post to introduce myself to all of you before the workshop. So let me share a bit about my health journey and what led me to wellness coaching.

I’m a wife, mom to four amazing kids (10 year old triplets and a 3 year old) and a Certified Health Coach at Nourished for Life Wellness Coaching. I do local workshops, online group coaching and private coaching with parents, families and individuals who want to change their health story. I also write a healthy eating and living blog and a weekly-ish email with healthy living inspiration.  

My goal is to empower you to change your health and future through whole food and a healthful lifestyle. I provide education, resources, inspiration and support to help you make doable and sustainable changes to reduce or relieve ongoing symptoms and feel your best, reduce risk of disease, slow the aging process and live every day to the fullest! 

My own health journey began 12 years ago when I was practicing law. I went through three miscarriages and was diagnosed with an endocrine disorder. After a lot of research and prayer, I came to realize the overriding problem was pretty simple: I wasn’t providing myself with the nourishment I needed for my own body to be healthy and function the way God intended, much less sustain a pregnancy and grow another healthy little life. 

We began reducing processed foods and moving to a real, whole food eating plan. In November 2007, we were blessed with the birth of triplets. As a mom I became even more committed to feeding my family real food and teaching my kids to nourish and care for their bodies. Seven years later, I had dramatically changed my diet, started drinking a big green smoothie every day, using Juice Plus and doing yoga several times/week. I felt better and was healthier than I have ever been. A wonderful surprise pregnancy and the birth of our youngest daughter confirmed I was on the right track and my body was finally getting back in balance.

During that same period of time I had another big wake up call--one of my dearest friends, a young mom with two beautiful little girls, was diagnosed with stage IV cancer. After she was told by some of the best oncologists in the country she probably only had a year to live, we began researching food choices and holistic cancer treatment options and I became even more convinced of the enormous impact our food and lifestyle choices make on our health. 

When my triplets went off to Kindergarten, I decided to share my passion for whole foods and healthy living by becoming a health coach. The more I learn and grow as a health coach, the more convinced I become that (1) eating whole foods and eliminating toxins is absolutely vital to our health and (2) other concerns such as stress, sleep, safe movement, unaddressed trauma and faith are just as important. So I work with clients on all of these fundamentals of good health.

Vision boarding is such a powerful tool to help us clarify our wellness goals and our dreams, goals and plans for every aspect of our life! If you’re looking for more in any area of your life but aren’t quite sure what direction to go or what your or next steps should be, the process of creating a vision board can help you find that clarity and figure out what it is that lights you up and brings you fulfillment and joy. 

If you are a person of faith trying to figure out where God is leading you in your life, Psalm 37:4 tells us, “Delight yourself in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart.” I don’t think this means God will give us everything we want. I think it means He will place in our hearts the same desires that He has for us. When I was trying to figure out if I should go back to practicing law, or what I was supposed to be doing with my life, my prayer was that God would place in my heart dreams and goals that were consistent with His will and plan for my life. Creating a vision board was a really impactful part of this process for me. 

If you are crystal clear on your dreams already--great! Vision boards are a wonderful daily reminder to keep us focused on our goals and to help us break down those big dreams into smaller doable steps. I find it so easy to get bogged down in the mundane, hectic daily routines and tasks and lose sight of the big picture—my goals, dreams and the things in life that bring me fulfillment and joy. Having those things all collected on one poster board I look at every single day helps keep me focused on the things that really matter. It reminds me every day of what I want my life to look like so that I can pray about it, plan for it, act on it now or work at it until it becomes reality.   

Are you ready to get clear on your dreams and set your intentions for 2018? Reserve your spot here and join us February 17 to Visualize Your Life!  

Can’t wait to see you there!!