What Happens at a Youth Yoga Event?

All Youth Yoga Events at Sift involve 3 main parts:

We BREATHE, We MOVE, and WE RELAX - That's Kids Yoga!




The Breathing we do is meant to illustrate how each child can be in control of their own mood and energy. We spend moments practicing deep breaths so that each child can feel how slow and full breaths will help bring a sense of calm to the body.  We talk about the types of breath and the best posture to have when taking deep breaths.

Guided readings are used to help kids focus on their breath as well as props like belly buddies, blocks, hoberman spheres, or simply using their hands.

kids yoga partner.jpg


The Movement that we do happens in sequences set to music, Yoga Games (like Musical Mats or Yoga Red Light Green Light) and Partner Poses with a yoga buddy. All poses are taught at an age appropriate level so that each child can feel empowered while practicing. Depending on the theme poses may have fun names or go in a certain order to not only provide physical benefits but also help the theme come to life!


relax kids yoga.jpg

The Relaxation is always saved for the end of the practice. Here we lay on the mat and quietly listen to a guided visualization or soft music to allow our minds and bodies to relax. Believe it or not, this is often one of the kids' favorite parts. They CRAVE this, just like us adults! 

Youth events are simple and fun! The goal is to give kids the opportunity to learn more about yoga poses, breathing, and relaxing in a non-competitive environment.


If this sounds like something your elementary age child might be interested in - KEEP an EYE on our website for upcoming events.

September Theme: Spa Yoga NIght (Register here: https://app.punchpass.com/instances/4319472)

October Theme: Lego Yoga (Date TBA) - bring your favorite mini fig to do yoga with.

November Theme: Circus Yoga (Date TBA) think “The Greatest Showman” exploring ideas like: Following your dreams, appreciating what you have, and celebrating what makes us unique.

December Theme: Holiday Themed Yoga Party (DATE TBA - a great opportunity for a date night or shopping afternoon for yourself).