LIVE TV! Perfectly - Imperfect!


This morning my friend Colleen Scholer and I drove to Henderson to be a guest on the Local Lifestyles Show with Ange Humphrey. We were set to promote a new Youth Series Colleen is facilitating called GirLife. It's going to be an awesome addition to what we offer at Sift and I am thrilled we can house it! (More info in the Workshops Section)

But, ya'll Live TV is no joke! Ha ha!

Colleen was so prepared with her note cards and perfectly crafted answers - I planned to "wing it". I thought I would be more nervous if I rehearsed some of my answers. I want to start off by saying Ange is a true professional! She quickly greeted us when we arrived and made sure that we introduced ourselves to the other guests of the program, a perfect networking opportunity, and then told us where to sit and wait for our time on air. 


When it was our turn, we were 2nd, we were escorted behind the scenes to the main room of the station. The kid in you can't help but get excited seeing what really goes on "behind the scenes of THE NEWS"! We were mic'd up and then it was our turn to join Angee on stage. After a few jokes with Ron Rhodes off air about NO MORE SNOW DAYS for our kids -- She took the time to ask if I was nervous and told me to just relax and act like we are old friends. I mean, she just makes you feel at ease being around her! I wanted to be her friend! :)  

Showtime! 10 seconds, 3-2-1 - It's LIVE! And I instantly thought... WHERE DO I LOOK? Camera, Colleen, Ange, where??? The questions start happening and all the sudden, I had to take a deep breath and go with it! It is fast and over before you can even remember what you said!

As soon as it was over, Regret sets in for a moment.... AH I should have said this, or why did I say that! Like for instance, "Change the face of yoga" what ... I don't want to do that.... I want to ADD to the yoga in our community! We have AN AWESOME YOGA presence in our community! And did I just pronounce the name of our street wrong???

But yogis know, it is about the moment, the moment has passed and now it is time to move on! Perfectly Imperfect! My shirt I chose for the day is truly what I want Sift to represent. It is truly who I am working to be/embrace and what better way than on LIVE TV! 

So my first LIVE appearance is under my belt, I know next time I'll make my cards or prep my thoughts a little better - I know where to look and when to breathe - and I am ready for my next on screen moment! HA HA 

But, you know what - It was fun! I love shining ANY LIGHT I can on YOGA - Especially for kids! So I will count today as a success. 

If you want to watch and missed us live, here is the link! Let me know what you think :) Or don't if you want to spare my feelings :)