"If it's just me for class..."

"If it's just you and me for class today, we can cancel." (Said a student who arrived a few minutes before a couple others this morning) 

I of course, reassured her that we could do whatever she was comfortable with, and that if we were patient I was sure (hoped) others would be coming.

Here's what I should have said:

My friend, no that is not what I want!

Classes small or large, the energy I bring is the same. Do I get more from large classes?

Maybe my ego does - but my heart ❤️ not really.

You made the conscious choice - choice to get dressed, fill your water bottle, grab your mat, get in the car and drive to MY class - and I'm honored! So I will absolutely teach you, practice alongside you, or chat about how you can advance your practice.

You are here, I'm here - so let's do some yoga!

Park Savasana.jpg