Top 5 Reasons to practice Yoga Outside

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Each year, when the weather allows I take my yoga outside. AND YOU SHOULD TOO!!

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Here are the top 5 reasons I LOVE yoga OUTSIDE!

  1. Fresh Air - There really is nothing like taking in a full breath of air when you are outside the studio. We all spend a lot of time indoors. Even as I type this blog today, I long to be outside. But, despite growing up in Southern Indiana, I do NOT like the heat (or should I say I don’t like the heat unless I’m outside doing something I love). Being on my yoga mat is something I love, it is a freedom I don’t often experience doing other things. So ANY opportunity I have to practice or teach outside, I try to say YES to! This summer you can CATCH US OUTSIDE at the Newburgh Farmer’s Market and occasionally at Friedman Park. See more here about that!

  2. Sunshine - Though, I stated in #1 I don’t like the heat. I LOVE SUNSHINE! It really has a positive effect on my mood, so practicing outside with the warmth of the sun on my body - is another reason I love to practice outdoors.

  3. Nature Sounds - No playlist is really needed outside! If you want to work on your ability to be more mindful on and off the mat, simply sitting outside is a great practice for that. You can be moving through poses, seated in meditation, or just lying on your mat in somewhat of a savasana and listening to the sounds of the world around you. It doesn’t have the same effect in the studio when sounds are not birds chirping, the swaying of the leaves on the trees, or the sound of the the world slowly passing you by.

  4. Grass between your toes or Sand (even better) - I love to be barefoot. Feeling grass beneath my feet, sand between my toes, all bring a calm inside me. So naturally I love to practice yoga outside. I do usually still like a mat, but I also like to get off it and simply let my feet really connect with the Earth. (A little hippy, I know - but it’s true :))

  5. New Challenges means fun - Practicing outside on uneven ground is a new challenge, and often gives us an invitation for our practice to be a bit less serious. Balancing with clumps of dirt under your feet adds something new. Dips or slow sinking sand as you step into Warrior I will pull your awareness right to the mat or beach towel. And as mentioned before, just as the sounds of outside can be relaxing - to some they can be distracting - this is a challenge I often appreciate. Letting go of my to-do list for just a short while and trying to SIFT through all that really doesn’t matter - just be me!

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Why do you like to practice outside? Will you be joining us for a public class outdoors - or maybe just in your own backyard?

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See more of our outdoor offerings here.