Building a Home Practice - Part: 1

Ready to start rolling out the mat at home? Want to feel like you do AFTER a live class, more often? Maybe it is time to REALLY invest in building a home practice.

Here is my journey to bringing my yoga home with me. 

The moment I made a commitment to start a home practice happened in a funny way. You see, I was taking occasional yoga classes at a local studio and sometimes trying to do a video (Rodney Yee's Power Yoga) at home - but that was really all yoga was for me. I knew the physical benefits after I left a class, but I had yet to truly experience the emotional and spiritual benefits. My practice was far from dedicated. But, as life would have it- I was teaching a kids fitness class for a little fun and extra cash out of a local church. The COOL DOWN was always yoga with the toddlers, so I started researching Yoga for Kids for more ideas. I stumbled on to a Yoga Teacher Program that was teaching a workshop on Kids Yoga in a few weeks. I grabbed a spot and then.... the magic happened. NOT ONLY for a home practice to develop but for a passion for yoga on a deeper level. 

The one-day workshop I attended, turned into me enrolling in a FULL 95-Hr Certification for Children Yoga. But, that is another post! 

I was sitting in a kids yoga teacher training workshop and my mentor teacher, Stacey Shanks was taking us through a discussion about filling our own cup (practicing Self-Care). She talked about the struggles of teaching kids yoga or being in any teaching role (for me, EVERY minute of my stay-at-home mom day) and having your cup dumped out, used up, over and over, giving your positive energy to your students (your kids). She discussed how important it was for us to continue to fill our own cups... how it is important to use the tools we know about teaching yoga, to FILL OUR CUPS TOO -- That's when LIGHT BULBS went off like crazy! Why had I never really heard this before? Why did I not have this in my life? 

Here I was the mother of three small children ages four and under, two of which being a set of twins. I was so insanely tired, anxious, and overwhelmed! I had left my job as a full-time teacher and was trying to find my new role as a stay at home mom. At the time, that just didn't sit right, I felt like I needed to be contributing to my family not only financially as well as, doing more than just mothering the children. (Side note: we ALL KNOW stay-at-home mommas do SO MUCH more than just mothering children all day)

So as I said before, here I sat in a kids yoga teacher training workshop, wondering how in the world this busy mom of three young kids could find time to fill my own cup - AND what did that even look like. 

Stacey started asking me about my morning routine, asking me where I could insert a home yoga practice, where this space could come into my life, telling me I could use this self-care practice to build me back up... Build ME back up.... The ME that was so much more than a teacher ... so much more than just someone's Mommy. 

I broke down. Nowhere in my life did I feel there was time for a home yoga practice. Excuses started flooding in...

Where would I do this?  My house was flooded with baby gear - times two, I had no real dedicated yoga space in my own home. I thought I needed to have some sort of home studio or something to get that Zen that I felt in a public avenue. But Stacey kept pushing. I told her I did enjoy sitting out on my back deck early in the morning before the kids wake --- on the few rare occasions that I would get up to feed someone or ease their restless bodies --- and then step outside onto the deck, just to breathe.  --- She said there it is, there is your space.  

How would I know what to do? We talked about what a private practice at home could look like... Maybe it was just taking myself outside with a hot cup of tea sitting down on the deck and taking a few big breath's closing my eyes and listening to nature. Maybe it was just taking myself through two or three Sun Salutations. Maybe it was just some gentle cat cow, spinal sequences, and then Savasana. Maybe it was just placing my legs up exterior brick wall that lines our house for just a couple moments.

Then the excuses started to melt away... Those easy suggestions were all I need it, they were the permission I needed!

This simple conversation broke down the barrier to what a home practice was supposed to look like. A home practice doesn't have to be a dedicated 45 minute practice. A home practice doesn't have to be in the perfect home studio with hardwood floors and beautiful decorations.

A home practice is just what you need, a home practice is the permission to listen to that inner voice, and move freely on your mat. More on this story in PART 2 - To be continued...

Intrigued? Want this for yourself? Come join me at my home practice workshop to learn more. Details coming soon.