The Evolution of Healthy Starts, LLC

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Quick backstory, in 2012 I started my own business. My twins were less than a year old, and I felt called to start TEACHING again! I had made the decision to stay home and care for my 3 children, instead of returning my full-time teaching job at a local middle school, but I had an ache for something more. At the time, I thought there was a gap in programming for active toddlers in our area so I opened Healthy Starts, LLC.

Healthy Starts was a program geared to bring fun and fitness to toddlers through music, movement, and healthy living education. 

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The classes were ran out of a local church and the Alternative School for about a year and a half. Then I decided it was time to move on. I absolutely loved planning for the classes, but I just didn't have enough money, time, or energy anymore to continue to put into the program. I am so incredibly grateful to all those 1st clients who trusted me enough to try the classes and pay me to PLAY with their children. I made some fantastic contacts and friends from that experience.

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I gained a lot of confidence from putting myself out there as a business owner, and I knew in my heart I would come back to the passion - just maybe in a different form some day. 

I kept my LLC in place, knowing that someday I would put it to use. In the fall of 2013, I began Yoga Teacher training (this time focus was on ADULTS). As most teachers will tell you, they have all the confidence in the world to teach a room full of kids - they are not intimidated by that. But, put them in front of a room full of adults, and things change. I wasn't sure I could teach adults like I taught kids, but I felt like I needed to try. 

Here is where the Healthy Starts name took a shift 

When picking out the name for my toddler exercise program Healthy Starts meant starting these kids off on the path to better health at a young age. Teaching them that fitness was fun and didn't always have to include sports. It meant that taking care of our bodies through healthy food choices, good hygiene, and positive self-talk could start as early as 18 months. The themes I used each week, were all about empowering the children to help Mom and Dad live a healthy life. 

Though, as life does --- I learned a DIFFERENT LESSON!

Helping Children have Healthy Starts are 100% important, but can children really make those choices without a Healthy Role Model?

Healthy Starts, is still a very appropriate name for my Business Entity, because Healthy Starts with us! If we as parents, are working to make Healthy Choices for our families the impact will happen right in our homes. If we as citizens of our community, make the effort to support walking trails, local parks, or farmer's markets those Healthy choices will have an impact in our community. If we as voters, support legislators who fight to keep our food sources healthy and our waters and air clean this has an impact on our nation. 

So here is where Yoga with Carrie Rice REALLY gets its FUEL!

Making time for self-care by rolling out our Yoga Mats - will help EVERYONE around you have a Healthy Start. You can start someones day by sharing your kind and positive energy alongside them in a yoga class or simply with a smile as you pass in the aisles of the grocery store. When you are in a place of peace, you will radiate that to all you encounter. Of course, we all have our moments - our days that are LESS THAN PERFECT - but we all have the choice to try to grab a moment and shift our mood, our day, in a way that it will have a Healthy Start. 

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We all have to start somewhere - so lets start together! Healthy Starts with each of us.

To learn more about the programs or upcoming events of Yoga with Carrie Rice (Healthy Starts, LLC) check out my facebook page or website