Yoga Studio Tour: Dunigan YMCA

Last week I started thinking, how many amazing yoga studios there are in our area.  Maybe I should start touring them, and checking out all the different types of yoga and classes offered around here.

The NEW Blogger mind I am trying to embrace, started thinking about how it could be fun to visit different studios and then write a blog post about it. I think sometimes the hardest part about trying a new studio is just simply walking in the door. Maybe if we had a preview or a little insight into what type of studio it is there, we may be willing to give them a try. Maybe we could even arrange a few MEET-UPS with The Yoga with Carrie Rice Followers. 

I am a firm believer that yoga is not one-size-fits-all. You have to find the style that resonates with you, and that may change daily. So here I am I'm taking a tour, I'm deciding to try different styles, different instructors, not only to visit for you - my readers, but to grow myself as an instructor!

So this week, THE YMCA.

Full Disclosure - I work here. :) And have many friends who teach here as well. BUT... this is my blog - so therefore I make the rules! HAHAHA 

Here is my review: 

  • First, I think GYM Yoga gets a bad rap sometimes in the Yoga Community. I have to admit, I used to be one who always thought to have a "true yoga" experience (whatever that is) had to happen at a dedicated Yoga Studio. But, I am here to tell you - that is just not true. Sure - you can find more Fitness Based Yoga classes in Gym Settings, but that doesn't mean they are all created equal. Give the gyms a chance, there is good stuff there. 
  • Second, the YMCA truly offers Yoga for all levels. They have dedicated Senior classes, in-between styles, HOT, and Power. Since it is a gym, and all are welcome - each class can be altered for different levels of practice and your instructors are used to that. 
  • The parking at the Y (Dunigan Branch) is a huge front parking lot. Some times of the day, that place is REALLY hopping, so you may have to walk a bit to get in... but we all need a few extra steps in our day right? 
  • There is not a dedicated Yoga Studio at the Dunigan Branch (there is at the Downtown Location). You will need to buy a day pass, show a visitor pass, or be a member to come to classes. (Hot Yoga is only open to memebers). Then walk to the near back of the building for the GXS (Group Exercise Studio) Room for classes. 
  • Mats, towels, blocks, and straps are available to borrow at no charge. 
  • The atmosphere is always welcoming and friendly in my opinion. However, I do feel that in a gym setting, if you don't personally get out of your comfort zone and talk to others you can feel like you get lost in the crowd. With that said, I always encourage members to introduce themselves to others and get a buddy to come to class with them. Having someone to connect with makes the experience much more enjoyable and you are more likely to stick with it. 
  • One of the BIG ADVANTAGES of Gym Yoga, is that you are also a GYM Member - so this opens up doors for many other styles of fitness at your fingertips. Strength training, cardio, dance fitness (one of my favorites), machines, a track, ball courts, and a pool. LOTS OF OPTIONS! 
  • As well as those with a family - you have CHILDCARE while you attend classes!! This is huge! The YMCA also offers Youth Programming, including Kids Yoga (Fridays). If you are pregnant, the YMCA also offers Prenatal Yoga (I teach this on Monday Mornings) for those expecting (free for members, but also open to non-members for a fee).  
  • Finally, at the YMCA Yoga can vary from instructor to instructor like most studios. The class descriptions tend to be a little bland in my opinion - so you really need to give at least 3 different time slots/ instructors a chance before you decide Yoga at the YMCA is not for you. 

Come give the YMCA a try! I will happily share a guest pass with you! Simply contact me and let me know when you want to give it a try!