Yoga on the Beach

This summer I spent a fantastic week beach side with my family. We stayed in a condo right on the beach and I found time for YOGA EVERYDAY! It was glorious!


There really is nothing like waking up with the sunrise, and enjoying the roaring waves as the soundtrack to the personal practice you need for the day. I even took a class on the beach one day.

Yoga on a family vacation, with 3 kids ages 8, 5, and 5 was a MUST.

3 reasons I need YOGA on a Vacation:

  1. My body HATES long car rides. Let's face it, when you are an active person who doesn't sit much at all through the day, sitting in a car is rough! My whole body gets tense, so yoga is a must for me for the physical reasons of I DONT LIKE TO SIT!
  2. My mind is a MESS! I know wacky right?!?! On vacation you should be able to relax and let go! Well, the planner in me has a hard time doing that. I want to run through all the options for snacks, meals, entertainment, sleeping arrangements, clothing changes, and the list goes on and on. I sometimes have to make a real effort to stop my brain and STOP worrying about the next part of the day and ENJOY the present. THIS IS WHY MY MIND NEEDS YOGA! 10 minutes to reset my breath, my body works out a little tension, and I am much more pleasant to vacation with. 
  3. I LOVE YOGA! It is so much a part of who I am now. I teach 5-7 classes a week, and just going cold turkey on a habit (no matter how healthy) is tough. So, I must do yoga, I need to do a little yoga, because - simply put I love it! 

Do your vacations include yoga or other exercise? Maybe they should!