Savasana ... You stayed!

Savasana is sometimes HARD... there I said it! I get it, laying still (when you came to workout, or when your mind is racing) can be a hard thing to wrap your mind around. 

But what does it really mean to "work out"? Giving your body a mental work out, a physical work out, and an emotional work out, all happen in a yoga class. Forgetting or not allowing it, is like throwing your clothes in the washing machine and then forgetting to dry them. Sure eventually they will get dry, but they will have a musty smell 😜, or be such a wrinkled mess you'll have to rewash them in order to wear them.....That's what happens to us, if we don't give ourselves a chance to dry out, give ourselves a chance to let go, the permission we need to just breathe, we still function..... but is it on the level that we would like?

Thank you for staying, thank you for being present, thank you for trying your best, thank you for being you. You made it through class, you stayed on the mat, you found your breath, it was a success!

savasana - you stayed.jpg