Building a dream - Sift Yoga

Life sure has a way of taking you on journey and opportunities do seem to present themselves when you are open to them. The dream of having my own space, my own studio, has been something I have been thinking of for many years and over the last few weeks the work, time, and energy is starting to pay off. 

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The Doors of Sift Yoga will officially open on January 2, 2018. The schedule is modest, the teaching staff is small, and our space feels relaxed and comfortable - and that feels just about right. I am building a space not just for yoga, but for community, and positivity. I am building a space where adults can take a deep breath, maybe the first real breath in a long time. I am building a space where students can unwind and release the pressure for just a few moments. I am building a space where athletes can come and allow their muscles a little down time, without worry of records or the next big performance. I am building a space where families can bring their children and know that the work there may not always be on the outside, or something with immediate results, but something is happening - those kiddos are learning the importance of being kind not only to others but to themselves. 

I can only hope that what I have learned through Yoga - will help many more come to truly love themselves, take time for breath, and relaxation. If I can help even just a handful of parents remember to raise children to be whole, we as parents must be whole. And that is not a small task. 

Thank you for reading and I hope you will come join us at Sift for a class or event in the near future.