What do you need to Sift?

If you have ever watched a child play in the sand, one of their favorite ways to discover the world around them is to pick up sand and let it slowly fall through their fingers.

They are sifting sand through the cracks and spaces between each finger. Some sand sticks to those cute little hands, and the rest falls away. 

Sift Sand.jpg

Yoga is like that for me. When I step on my mat - I bring it all! The good, the bad, and the in-between. I use the pace and depth of my breath to hold on to what matters - however, with each posture or pose I release something that I no longer need.


It falls away.  

Sift Yoga has been a dream of mine, long before it had a name and long before I had a space.

This dream has come out of years of teaching, years of meeting fantastic yogis from many walks of life. I have taught in a small studio, outdoors at a local park, and a large gym. The energy that happens in a yoga class can not be duplicated. 

I look forward to this new adventure - I look forward to meeting more new people and seeing how yoga can help them Sift through the stresses of everyday life. Join us on the mat! See what Yoga can offer you. 

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