Yogis of Instagram!

Instagram Yogis.jpg

I’ve joined Instagram!

So for months, maybe years - my yoga clients have been telling me I should be using Instagram. I always thought, you know - they are probably right... so this Fall, I decided to give it a fair shot.

Let me tell you, you #instayogis are AMAZING! You are doing yoga on this platform, but really it’s ART! #yogaart The backdrops make me want to #traveltheworld , the poses make me want to #practiceallday#yogaeverydamnday and I am in love with each of you trying to spread the #loveandlight that is Yoga. But - let’s be honest, we aren’t all doing yoga in beautiful spaces, we don’t all have gorgeous long hair, and perfect young bodies (whatever that means) - that doesn’t make our posts any less important or #authentic. Just as, how you doing yoga on a gorgeous beach doesn’t make your post inauthentic. To a certain degree it’s all real 😉

 We as teachers and practitioners are all doing yoga to show it to the world - to remind ourselves to breathe, stretch, move in a way that makes us feel strong, beautiful, and empowered. It’s important for all of us to remember that everyone started as a beginner at some point. We are rolling out our mats to turn down our crazy and ignite our light. Thank you Yogis of Instagram for welcoming me to your community. Allowing all of us to practice alongside you with poses that we hope will inspire others - like your beautiful works of art - inspire us! #yogagoals #yogabreath#yogalight