Filling your cup (or bucket)!

What fills your bucket? What makes you smile, feel whole, or regain your strength? 

One of my favorite books to share with my kids is about being a BUCKET Filler!

Have you read it? "Have you Filled a Bucket Today?" by Carol McCloud

The story is about how simple acts of kindness can fill our buckets, and how easy it can be to have our buckets dumped out. It really has a great message that is so easy for kids to visualize and relate to! We often talk at our house about dumping out the bucket! (There are many variations of this book, so you may a favorite that you use at your house too). 

Daily, I try to fill the bucket of EVERYONE in my household, preparing them for the life outside our cozy home - knowing that eventually something not so great will happen, and a bit of happiness will splash out of their bucket. And believe me - with two 5 year olds and an 8 year old, sometimes it does not take much for the bucket to lose some of its happiness. Through washed clothes, packed lunches, lots and lots of hugs and attention, their buckets become more and more full. I get a bit of fuel here too! 

But, if I may get real for a minute! Being an ADULT or PARENT, is a day full of bucket filling and dumping to the point you sometimes just want to hide YOUR bucket so no one can dump it, even for a FEW MINUTES!  My bucket over the past few months, has needed extra attention. It was a busy time of year, I picked up extra classes, we had a bit of sickness move through the house, and the ENDLESS list of chores, just made me feel like I really needed a break! 

So as live does sometimes, it threw me an escape. I got to go out of town for a few days, with my husband, no kids, and no real responsibilities and it was fantastic. My bucket was filled quick with personal attention from my spouse, getting to see my brother (who lives in the city we visited) and his girlfriend, I went window shopping (on no real schedule), and took 2 fabulously different yoga classes -- (THAT WILL BE ANOTHER BLOG POST)! It was a break that I am so grateful for because I know not everyone who feels low gets to do this. 

How do you fill your bucket each day?

It doesn't fill on its own, and you certainly can't count on others to do it for you - We need to be in control of our own happiness. So what do you do?

Here are a few ways I have found fill my cup: 

  • Taking time to read a book for education or pleasure, instead of scrolling through FB or Instagram or Pinterest 
  • Waking up earlier to enjoy a few moments of quiet or stretch in the morning
  • Drinking coffee or tea first thing in the morning, outside (when weather allows) while the rest of the house is quiet
  • Driving to work or wherever in silence OR BLASTING my favorite song at the moment
  • Doing something creative
  • Dance fitness classes (Sh'bam or Zumba)
  • Going for a walk
  • Coloring with my kids
  • Being near the river/ocean/ lake
  • Snuggling with my kids to watch a new movie
  • Family DANCE parties
  • New recipes 
  • Date night
  • Girls night
  • YOGA (of course) 

So I encourage you today, take a few moments, MAKE YOUR LIST. It does not have to be long, but make a list of bucket fillers - then make a conscious effort to do one of those things every day!  

DO something you LOVE, something that will fill your bucket!