Reconnect - WHAT is A HOME Practice?

Home Practice? Really, do people really do yoga at home? 

The answer is absolutely YES! Is it always an hour long class? No, not at all. A home practice can look different every day - a healthy yoga practice does look different each day. We listen the body, push it when it needs it, or just relax when the stress of the day is a bit too much

My challenge to you this week is to find 5 MINUTES outside of Class to do yoga, EVERYDAY!!! Here are ways to add yoga SIMPLY into your normal day.

  • Balance poses while washing dishes, preparing dinner, or talking on the phone in the office
  • Chair yoga for 5 minutes after dinner to aid digestion and calm yourself before TACKLING the dishes!
  • A couple Sun Salutations each morning right after getting out of bed
  • Resting in Legs up the Wall, instead of mindlessly watching TV or scrolling through Facebook or Pinterest
  •  Cat /Cow or Down Dog/ Snake poses with your kids - making it a game and involving them in your practice (maybe let me crawl under your down dog) 
  • Using the wall to work on a more advanced pose you have been wanting to try - headstand or handstand, anyone?
  • or just finding a quiet room, turning down the lights and resting flat to the floor in savasana. 

If you aren't sure where to start, here is a video to try! I

If you find you like following someone on YouTube - I have a few more here. 

I also have a few channels I follow listed here.