Warriors on Wall

Warriors on the Wall

This week will be playing on the wall, trying out a few Warriors. If you have missed my posts the last few weeks, I encourage you to scroll down and check them out!

#1 Warrior I- place hands on the wall, then step your right foot back. Turn the right foot until it meets the ground (about 45 degrees) or Warrior I footing. If you would like to bring the chest down closer to the knee, you can wall hands down the wall a bit like picture #2.

Hold and breathe (at least 3 breaths), then switch legs.

#3 is a Warrior III pose, again taking a balancing pose and adding the wall for safety, security, and more mindfulness. Beware of the leg lifted in the air, as you can see in the photo, my hips are not as stacked as they should be, and my alignment is certainly not perfect. Move to find what feels good, but keeping in mind square hips, and not hyper extending the knee on your balancing leg are important things to remember/consider. If you feel the urge to remove hands from the wall and bring them to heart or extend back toward the lifted leg - GO FOR IT! Let this practice belong to you!  

If you are unsure about Warrior III, here's a quick video tutorial.