Pigeon: a Love / Hate?

Relax and release the stress you have built up in your hips.

This hip opener may appear difficult, and often feel incredibly awkward at first. But, with time and practice it just may become one of your top 10 favorite poses.

"Hip openers may be challenging, but they can also be incredibly satisfying, both physically and emotionally." - read more here about the benefits of this pose.


Photos: #1 pigeon with torso held with hands on earth. #2 using blocks to support weight in arms, help lift and open the chest. #3 releasing forward, forward fold to the earth. #4 placing a block under the hip (a pillow works too) to support that area and remove extra stress as melt into the pose.

If you would rather a video tutorial here is one to check out -http://youtu.be/0_zPqA65Nok

Remember if you are trying this pose for the first time... Cut yourself some slack, you may love/hate it, just try your best and breathe.

You are amazing! You deserve these 5 minutes, or longer.