Hips, Quads, Psoas - OH MY!

Last week we focused on shoulders and upper back. This week, we send it to the lower body.

DEEP stretches to the Hips, Quads, and Psaos Muscles. Ready or not, you will love this! 

So what is the Psaos, "what is she talking about?" See the photo below. 

"The psoas is a general term, but most often refers to the combination of two muscles, the iliacus and the psoas major muscle. Together these two muscles are better known as the Iliopsoas muscle. They are linked together because of their common and combined attachment to the femur.

This muscle is probably the single most important postural and structural muscle in the body. There is a long list of reasons why it is so important.

  • It connects the upper half of the body to the lower half of the body.
  • It lies on either side of the sacrum and therefore our center of gravity, which means…
  • It is Therefore key in controlling big movements of the body.
  • Related to the strength of the spine.
  • Can create a strong lordosis (accentuated lumbar curve).
  • Often gets related to back pain.
  • The epitome of “core” muscles."

Read more here -- https://www.yoganatomy.com/psoas-resources/

This week we will release the psoas while giving a little love to the hips and the quads. IF you can't join us, check out this step by step below. 

Pose #1 - start in either a tabletop or down dog. Bring your left foot forward between your hands, hold a low lunge and drop the back knee to the floor. Grab 2 blocks (if you have them) and walk your hands back toward your hips (bring your chest up and open- like photo). Since your back knee is on the ground there is less worry about alignment. Breathe and release.

Pose #2- lizard variation, hands walk back forward as you walk the left foot to the left edge of your mat. You may stay tall through the arms or try the variation shown in the photo.

Repeat both on the other side.

Here is a quick tutorial for this pose from one of my favorites to watch on YouTube - Lizard tutorial from "Yoga with Adrienne"