Pose of the Week - 9/19 - Plank Pose

Our pose of the week is PLANK. Though this is a fundamental pose, there are many key things to remember. Sometimes it is nice to slow down and examine it --- Or push ourselves to AMP it up! 

Benefits of plank include:
Strengthens the arms, wrists, and spine
Tones the abdomen

If you like to do poses with video instruction - One of my favorite Video Tutorials for Plank is from "Yoga with Adriene"  - www.youtube.com/watch?v=6qg3r4zZE_k Yoga with Adriene makes a lot of GREAT foundations of Yoga videos that are fun, quick, and encourage you to "find what feels good". She is one of my favorites to follow! 

This tutorial walks you through a couple warm-ups for plank including this one (You can see in the photo below) 

1. Set yourself first in table top pose (wrists directly under the shoulders,  knees under hips)

2. Sit the hips back, enjoy an extended puppy pose or deeper child's pose - WITH tented fingers (coming up on to the fingertips to open the upper back and shoulders) 

3. Then return to tabletop pose, flatten the tops of the feet into the mat, LIFT the knees gently up off the mat. Open the chest, gaze a few inches in front of the hands, extend through the top of the head - breathe. 

4. Then try the full extension of the pose - PLANK. See tips below on correct alignment for plank (strengthening the front body and the back body). 

Plank Warmups
plank a day.jpg

There are many variations and modifications, so if this pose causes discomfort to you, stop me before or after class and I will try my best to offer some tips for relief! Or shoot me an email! 

Here's a great link to check out with Step-by-step tips! 


Here is an another nice Article on Plank Pose: http://www.yogajournal.com/article/beginners/plank-pose/