Let's Dance - Pose of the Week 9/12

Each week in my Live Classes, I try to showcase a pose of the week. It is often a pose that makes up some of the foundations of Yoga. I plan to share many of those poses with you on the BLOG. Here is this week's pose. It is one of many fun balance poses- Lord of the Dance, or Dancer Pose. If you are looking for a Step-by-step tutorial for this pose, you may check out http://www.yogajournal.com/pose/lord-of-the-dance-pose/

Now, don't get too nervous if this is a new pose for you. Dancer is often challenging to those who struggle with balance. But, it is tons of fun, a huge heart opener and a good stretch! 

Benefits include:

Stretches the shoulders and chest

Stretches the thighs, groins, and abdomen

Strengthens the legs and ankles

Improves balance

In the image shown there are 3 variations to try. Don't forget as with all balance poses, feel free to try this using your free hand along a wall or chair to help!