Let's start off with a Hello!

Yep, let's just start off saying Hello.

I'm Carrie. I'm a wife, a mother, and a yoga teacher. I spend my days chasing around 2 littles who will soon be 5, volunteering when I can at my big girl's school, teaching public and private adult and children's yoga, and handling all the other adult stuff that is thrown my way. I love to plan, make lists, and get stuff done! However, I enjoy a cold drink, a quiet spot, and any body of water to rest by. I try my best to stay present and enjoy life's ups and downs, but I'm just like you an everyone else, sometimes I loose my sh**. I try to take each day as it comes, and I'm learning to LET IT GO! 

I LOVE Yoga and I don't apologize for it! I fell in love almost five years ago and I just can't really get enough! I am not one who can do the most difficult poses you see on Instagram (confession: I don't really even understand Instagram - message me if want to teach me how), but I do love to flow - I like to link movement with breath, make it up as I go, and feel the energy it makes in my body and in the room of yogis.

My journey to becoming a yoga teacher started about 4 years ago, you can read more about it here (on the About Page) but my love of yoga has greatly blossomed over time.

I hope to share with you in this blog tips on how to make your practice your own, some of my favorite yogis to follow, share a few recipes, and just throw a little sunshine your way! I hope you will continue to read on and keep being inspired to roll out your mat!   

Graduation Day May 2014

Graduation Day May 2014