On the 8th day of Holiday Yoga ... we all crafted a candy covered Gingerbread House.

Day 1: Pine Tree - Mountain

Day 2: Snowfall - Forward Fold

Day 3: Peppermint - Squat 

Day 4: Stocking - Low lunge 

Day 5: Gift - Plank

Day 6: Penguin - Cobra

Day 7: Sleigh - Bow Pose

From bow, sleigh pose, release your feet, press into your hands and knees. Curl your toes, light your bottom up into the air, press your hips back and create an upside down "V" with your body. Imagine that you are creating a Gingerbread House with your body. 

Talking points:

  • Have you ever decorated a Gingerbread House or baked Gingerbread Cookies?
  • SHARE with us a photo of your creation!